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Playbook, a new way of building skills

Playbook offers high quality learning materials that prepare active generations to evolve in the #WorkforceoftheFuture.

Focused on in-demand skills our learning content is available through in-person sessions and online learning

Our learning materials are taught by experienced teaching partners whose commitment and dedication serve a clear, ambitious goal: successfully accompany our learners in their reskilling and upskilling journey.

Introducing On-Demand Workshops

The On-Demand Workshop is a type of in-class workshop generated by the demand from our learners. On-Demand Workshops only happen on the date our learners have selected and if a minimum number of participants is reached.

Here are several characteristics of an On-Demand Workshop:

Cost effective: it only happens if learners want it to happen, thereby saving time, effort and money for the teacher;

Revenue effective: as it only happens if a minimum number of learners is reached, a minimum revenue is generated for the teacher;

Efficient: only interested learners attend the class, which makes it more beneficial for all parties.

By design, On-Demand Workshops are convenient and aim at a single objective: become an innovative learning format where learners and teachers win. Lean more here

A Daily Challenge Through Micro Classes

Micro Classes are a new way to learn online. Through bite-sized modules, learners can learn every day through a #5MinsDailyChallenge at their own pace.

Bite-sized modules also allow learners to absorb new knowledge faster and shape new skills.

Using a mixed approach (text, video, audio, image, quiz), our Micro Classes evoke the main senses for a better learning experience. Micro Classes are currently offered for free to our learning community.

Interested to share your knowledge on Micro Classes?
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How to Become Our Teaching Partner

We welcome passionate teachers, experts and industry leaders to help us deliver our learning materials in the following fields:

# Leadership

# Innovation

# Problem Solving

# Empathy

# Tech

# Productivity

# Critical Thinking

# Resilience

# Creativity

# Business

# Flexibility

# Confidence

# Adaptability

# Communication

# People Management

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If you have some great teaching content to share with us, we would be more than happy to continue building it with you.

How Much Do I Earn as Playbook Teaching Partner

Our teaching partners make the learning happen. They are so essential to our ecosystem that we decided not to call them teachers. We see them as partners that we want to help improve their content. Like partners, we will be working hand-in-hand to deliver the most enjoyable, useful and impactful learning sessions to our learning enthusiasts in Singapore & Indonesia.

In all cases, we strive to offer a fair share of revenue to our teaching partners. Such an agreement ensures all parties continue to work together to improve the entire learning experience, from content to delivery.

Still have burning questions? Drop us an email to: teachingpartner@playbook.plus.

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