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Creating a habit that matters

74% of heavy learners are more likely to know where they want to go in their career.

Heavy learners spend 5 hours a week to learn. Sounds terrifying?

We heard you.
Constantly telling you to learn is easier said than done. In our busy lives, making time for learning is a perpetual challenge. Let us help you settle in your learning journey.

Use Playbook to rediscover your skills – all your skills:
Those you have, those you need, those you want. Evaluate them, reshape them, nurture them.Science proves that it is never too late to learn. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Not true!

At Playbook, we want you to create a learning habit – probably the most powerful habit of all.

The forgetting curve exists, but it cannot beat you.

We did not invent the forgetting curve. Of course, we did not. Hermann Ebbinghaus, a 19th- Century German psychologist, did. In short, it shows the speed at which we forget information if we don’t do anything to retain it.

The forgetting curve has been and will still be debated but there is a consensus around its key principles. In the world of skills, this means that whatever you learn will be forgotten if you don’t keep practicing.

Nobody wants that to happen, right?

This is where lifelong learning comes in. By trying to learn whenever you can, you maintain your skills. By learning, you stay sharp. By continuing to learn, you get sharper and rise over the forgetting curve. More importantly, you stay relevant in the workplace.

At Playbook, we tell you what’s good to learn for you. And when. And how. And with whom.


Ever wondered what #theNewWorkforce is going to look like? Ever wondered what kind of job you are likely to have in a not-so-distant future?

Yesterday’s workforce was very much static. Your academic background and initial professional experiences were leading you into a specific path with very specific skills in very few areas. Forget it.

Tomorrow’s workforce will require you to be agile in the true sense of the word. Evolving within a rapidly changing workplace, you will have to be flexible, adjustable, malleable. Your greatest skill will lie in your ability to learn and relearn.

Experts predict that the new workforce will be rewarded for skills and abilities. Not its academic diploma, regardless of prestige. Your skills are your greatest asset and the good news is, it is well within your control to grow them!

At Playbook, we believe the future of education is all about making learning practical, applicable and relevant.

Every Journey Has a Goal

Does the journey matter more than the destination? Maybe, but it remains critical to set a clear and realistic goal. If you start a journey without a destination, you may end up going…nowhere.

Let’s define that goal together. Leave the journey to us. We’ll make sure it is adapted to your needs, style and pace. The skills that you need to learn depend on what you want to achieve in the future.

At Playbook, whatever your goal is, we got your back.

Professional Goal: Setting Yourself for a Better Career

Playbook is here to help you embark on the professional career you’ve dreamt of. Set your goal on Playbook, get to know your secret weapons, and create a learning journey based on your goal.

Set This Goal For Me

Personal Goal: Meet the Best Version of Yourself

Skill learning will also make yourself richer. Whether you want to pick up a new language, learn painting or learn coding for fun, you’re all entitled too! Skill learning is fun and makes you happy. Because that’s what matters the most.

Set This Goal For Me

Blending Two Best Ways of Learning

We understand that you are a busy bee whose time is very precious. At Playbook, we are blending the best ways of learning for you to get the best outcome:

On-Demand Workshop

Nothing beats learning directly from the expert in the right social setting. With a great teacher, you will gain not only the skills, but also inspiration. Surrounded by passionate learners like you, your learning outcomes will be maximized.

Better yet, you can also create demand for the skills that you want to learn!

How On-Demand Workshop works Learn Any Skills Today

Online Self Learning

A micro class can be a fun yet meaningful way to learn new things. Curious minds will be able to get the flavour of a new skill. Distracted learners will be able to create a productive habit by learning by byte. Set your own pace.

Are you ready to take the #5MinDailyChallenge?

How Much Does a Micro Class Cost? Learn Any Skills Today

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