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About Us

Our Why

Playbook stemmed from our passion for education.Seemingly simple, this statement hides three fascinating facets.

The first one is about people and their growth. Throughout their lives, people teach and learn. Almost effortlessly, they gradually create their very own knowledge assets. They build up their very own skills. They evolve and they grow.

The second one is about the workforce. Tomorrow’s workforce will undoubtedly be radically different from today’s.

In perpetual motion, its boundaries will barely be visible. While the impact of new technologies on jobs generates uncertainty, our certitude is that this new paradigm will create massive demand for fluid talents.

The third one is the complex relationship between the first two. There have always been many educational codes linking our work to our life, connecting what you do to who you are. These codes have never changed.

It is now time to revisit them in a meaningful manner and offer everyone a chance to reskill and upskill.

Inspired by global thought leaders from fields as diverse as education, psychology and neuroscience, driven by our desire to make an impact, we started Playbook to give everyone the best skill-building tools.

We started Playbook because we aspire to make everyone relevant in the #WorkforceoftheFuture.

The Context

The skill gap is a reality and will only widen if we don’t start to redefine the meaning of learning. Two major factors are prompting us to take action:

1) We all want to be future-proof, but that future evolves quickly as new technologies, new tools, new ways of working take hold.

This is a tremendous challenge to chase a target that might be seen as moving and fluctuating.

In our view, it’s all about defining and evolving the right skills so that everyone keeps up with sometimes radical and stress-inducing changes in the workplace.

2) If everyone wants to be relevant going forward, everyone is different.

We acknowledge everyone learns differently and does not exhibit the same response to the same teaching methodologies.

We think teaching should be delivered in various, convenient and impactful ways.

These two factors call for a new era in adult learning. An era where the learning journey is multifaceted yet #consistent, #personalized yet #available to anyone.

The Learning Problems

Anywhere in the world, education is fundamental. It is a human right and basic need. Education does not know discrimination: we are all entitled to get access to education, even in its the smallest form, anytime and -almost- anywhere.

To a certain degree (no pun intended!), the skills we develop contribute to define our value as humans and our role in the society. While knowledge is power, skills bring it to life by making it #practical, #applicable and, in other words, #useful.

However, gaining knowledge can be hard. Building skills can be difficult. Yes, it takes time and effort to become better, but time and effort are only mental, physical or logistical barriers we can overcome to get closer to the world of learning.

At Playbook, we want to make learning a part of your lifestyle. Learning is a habit. A habit that will lead you to success.

To achieve this objective, we rely on two main principles:

Skill learning must remain an affordable experience: we are well aware that it is an investment in yourself, so we will strive to keep our prices reasonable.

Skill learning must be a personal experience: our product suite is and will be designed to ensure you can learn online, onsite, alone or in a group.

Our Offerings

Playbook is a user-focused company that wants to help you grow your skills. To that end, our offering revolves around 3 main pillars:

SkillCard: for your learning journey to start properly, you need a why. You need to understand where your skills stand, and how they can grow. Your SkillCard will show you an overview of your skills and shape your skill growth journey.

As we gradually evolve towards a skill-centric workforce, your SkillCard is meant to become your most precious ally.

On-Demand Workshop: your learning journey also need a what, and that’s where our On-Demand Workshops come in. These workshops are group classes that happen onsite. They happen because you decided they would happen! We want skill-learning to come to you, when you want to, where you want to. Our teaching partners will do the rest.

Online Micro Class: your learning journey needs a digital twin, and that’s where our micro classes come in. They take various shapes and forms depending on the skill to be taught, but they are always available to complement and enrich on-demand workshops. Their goal is to embed learning in your daily life in a convenient, enjoyable and meaningful manner.

Our Community

Playbook is a community open only to anyone. Only to anyone. Whether you are an avid learner, a passionate teacher, a job seeker, a homemaker, anything else or all of the above, we will welcome you with open arms.

After all, education does not belong to anyone; it belongs to every one of us. We aspire our community to get vibrant, with learners becoming teachers and teachers becoming learners, elevating everyone’s skills in the process.

Join Playbook’s community now.

Our Products

Welcome to your future resume.

SkillCard is a digital skill-building solution based on a data-driven approach using machine learning. It displays an overview of your skills, highlighting your strengths and areas of improvement.

You set SkillCard in motion by defining a learning goal, which will then create a path for you to reach that goal.


On-Demand Workshops


Watercolor Beginner Class

Creative Skill - Vira Sketcher

Learn to paint from home with project-based

learning via our interactive explorer pass platform

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Welcome to your future education.

On-Demand Workshops reverse the traditional logic in education. Skill learning comes your way, whenever your see fit. Our intelligent scheduler will work out the best arrangement given your availabilities.

On-Demand workshops are group classes where the right skills are taught and where learners validate their skills.

Welcome to your most powerful habit.

Online Micro Classes are short courses you can attend anytime for free. They help you become more familiar with the right skills for you.

Online Microlearning classes can extend your onsite experience or facilitate your exploration of new learning avenues.

Online Micro Classes

Belajar Creative Problem Solving

Skill Problem Solving

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Skills of The Future

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# Creativity

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Meet the Team

We are a humble bunch of people who love to learn new things. Knowledge and skills are our fuel. Our objective is simple: shape the best workforce possible.

















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